Please note:The information on this website will be completely edited, customized, changed , and redesigned to suite your Pharmacy shop or supermarket.

About Seth Sambilla Socrates – The website designer / developer  this Pharmacy Project.

This Pharmacy website design / development project was created , designed ,edited , developed and customized by Seth Sambilla Socrates. A passionate , talented and hardworking developer who seek to provide quality web design / development services for shops and businesses in Ghana and Other great countries.

The design is highly recommended for pharmacy shops and supermarkets.It will give your customers the best user experience online because they will be able to .

  • See the latest products
  • Search for what they want
  • Place an Order
  • Receive discounts
  • Book Appointment
  • Receive Digital invoice
  • Get access to health tips and advice if you provide any
  • +more

Your online store will provide a very convenient way for your customers to remotely access your store on the internet.You can provide delivery services for your customers or allow them contact you for inquiries , get directions and do a store pick up.

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